Solar Thermal Systems

We know solar energy panels are ugly. That’s why we hide ours with our Standing Seam Metal Roofing Solar Thermal System.

We offer the first commercialized multi-modal, solar thermal collection system that can be externally integrated into a building to produce clean power; power that is renewable, sustainable and socially responsible in every way. All without compromise to the aesthetics of the building.

Solar energy is absorbed into a concealed, patent-pending collection system that’s hidden just below the roof. There are no ugly collectors visible from the street. And, because it's hidden from sight, it’s also protected from the elements like rain and wind, giving it one of the longest warranties in the business.

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Why deal with Temporary when you can have a Permanent Solution?

Hopgood Metal Roofing is available for most residential and commercial buildings. Our installations are extremely energy efficient, 100% recyclable and made from up to 50% recycled material.