Frequently Aked Questions

Can a metal roof be installed directly over top of my existing shingled roof?

Yes, our roofing system can fit over top of your preexisting roof. We use longer screws to sink through the asphalt, and grip into the wooden surface below. In some cases the old roof needs to be taken off, but this is only necessary if there are many layers of old shingles or if the wooden subsurface is compromised.

Can I get a metal roof if I live close to the ocean?

Yes, when houses are located within a mile of the ocean, we recommend considering an aluminum standing seam metal roof, as there is no warranty offered for a steel roof within one mile of the ocean. There are no drawbacks when using aluminum versus steel, other than a slight price increase. The life time warranty still applies to the aluminum roof.

Does the roof make noise when it rains?

No. Generally our roofing system is placed over top of an older preexisting shingled roof. The old roof provides a sound barrier between the roof and the interior of your home. This reduces the pinging noise that is commonly associated with a metal roof. The myth associated with noisy metals roofs dates back to when old barns were installed with tin roofs. Secondly, houses are built much better than they used to be and their attic insulation provides a sound barrier to block any unwanted noise.

How long does it take to install a roof?

This is very dependent on the style and size of your home. Roofs that have many dormers, valleys and skylights often take longer, as each roofing panel needs to be customized. Simple roofs with minimal obstructions are much faster, as panels need minimal hands-on work to be installed. That being said, the average time for a metal roof to be installed is roughly 3 weeks.

Can I walk on my metal roof?

Absolutely! Our roofs are extremely strong and durable. However, we do not recommend walking on steep sections as they can be slipperier than a traditional shingled roof.

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Why deal with Temporary when you can have a Permanent Solution?

Hopgood Metal Roofing is available for most residential and commercial buildings. Our installations are extremely energy efficient, 100% recyclable and made from up to 50% recycled material.