Welcome to Hopgood Metals:

Since 1975, Hopgood Metals has evolved into the premiere supplier and installer of metal roofing in the Maritimes. It's available in Standing Seam, Screwed Down or Metal Shingle and is warrantied for up to 35 years against peeling, blistering, color change, and chalking. We can also install Solar Thermal Systems that are incorporated directly into the metal roofing to provide a 100% renewable power source. Our services also include installation of residential and industrial seamless eavestroughing and accessories.
Metal Roofs
Whether it's a Standing Seam roof, Screwed Down roof, or metal shingles, a metal roof from Hopgood Metals is a sound investment in your home that will be worry-free for many, many years to come. They can be installed over existing asphalt or composition shingles and are maintenance free for a lifetime!
Seamless King Rain Gutters
Say good-bye to dripping gutters with seamless aluminum eavestroughing systems from Seamless King. Our Residential and Commercial systems are professionally installed and fully warrantied for material and workmanship.
Solar Thermal Systems
A multi-modal, solar thermal collection system that can be externally integrated into a building to produce clean power; power that is renewable, sustainable and socially responsible in every way. All without compromise to the aesthetics of the building.

Why deal with Temporary when you can have a Permanent Solution?

Hopgood Metal Roofing is available for most residential and commercial buildings. Our installations are extremely energy efficient, 100% recyclable and made from up to 50% recycled material.